Invisible Crown

The Crown Voices

The Crown Voices is a singing group for children between ages 8-18 years. We conduct training using Classical, Contemporary Inspirational and Gospel styles. Our main goal is to instill a passion for singing and showcase the students gifts from an early age.

Group voice coaching applies our unique Dedicated Crown Training model nurturing Talent and Confidence in equal measure. Sessions with Feature Trainers and established performing artists enable The Crown Voices to add a new dimension to their musical and personal growth.

Students are enrolled strictly by audition. Singing talent is honed and the group is trained for showcases with performances every six weeks after the first quarter. Advanced students also receive celebrity training, participate in exchange programs and have a chance to take part in international tours.

Auditions for Crown Voices are done in various age groups

  • 8 & 9 years

  • 10- 12 years

  • 13 – 18 years

Explore our website further, we offer: PUBLIC SPEAKINGDRAMA and BALLET CLASSES