Invisible Crown

Private Voice Coaching

Through an intricate coaching curriculum our students learn how to use their voices to produce melodic and harmonious tunes while mastering the techniques required to perfect the art of singing.

In vocal training sessions, students are firstly guided through the process of discovering their strengths and weakness. In the advanced levels we also teach skills such as stage presence and offer mentorship programs provided by seasoned singers in the industry.

One-on-one classes are personalized to suit the student’s needs and strengths.

We train according to Contemporary and Classical-Contemporary Fusion styles.

Technical Aspects of Voice Coaching

In addition to Partial or Dedicated Crown Training, we deploy a unique 12-step coaching program to develop vocal ability and the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE.

  1. Breath support and sustaining
  2. Vocal registration
  3. Vowels and diction
  4. Rhythm training
  5. Tone quality
  6. Intonation
  7. Solfege, scales and intervals
  8. Beat and rhythm
  9. Reading music
  10. Expressive movements , gestures and facial expressions
  11. Performance tactics
  12. Composition

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