Invisible Crown

At Invisible Crown, we know that whatever talent or skill an individual has, God is behind it! He wants us to bless others and steward those gifts for Him because stewardship is about everything in our lives — and that includes talent.

1st Peter 4:10 “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

We encourage our students to honour God with their gifts and abilities. Firstly, and of principle they must develop their technical ability and character. Only then will they realize the purpose of their skill/talent. .

Our Mission

To use the Performing Arts as a powerful medium to build Confidence, to honour God the giver of Talent in an environment of Discipline, Creativity and Courage

Our Vision

To be Africa’s Performing Arts school of choice for every individual seeking to achieve his/her God given artistic purpose.

Our Goal

Our goal, and motivation is to:


  • 1. Provide Technical Competence of International standards:

Using our Program Delivery Statement which emphasize on 3 main things:


  • Developing our students’ skills using structured training.
  • Enhancing our students’ skills by nurturing CONFIDENCE with its 5 Attributes.
  • Showcasing and creating impact using our students’ developed talents.


  • 2. Giving Direction to the Kenyan Performing Arts:

Our approach and concept aims to; bring out the performing Arts as a worthwhile profession, use proper training structures to bring change to Kenyan Performing Arts and demonstrate the importance of seeking Gods will in our industry.


  • 3. Engage in Impact and Ministry projects:

Stewarding these nurtured gifts and talents by passing them through the lens of Biblical teachings. Using Contact, Content and Impact which highlights our relational values, our content creation/selection and our impact projects as those that are influenced and anchored by our Christian faith.

Talent Development at Invisible Crown is not just about students developing impressive skills, but to see a transformation in their character through the development of the 5 attributes and the use of Christian content.

The emphasis on character development using the Arts, however, does not mean Invisible Crown places less value on the other uses of performing Arts education. In fact, it is just the opposite.

Even though we spend little time with our students due to their other educational and family engagements, we have discovered how greatly a creative space shows the essence of an individual. This in fact places us at a high point of influence! Our belief is that by stressing on the importance of Character and Good content creation, our students are more likely to excel in their talents and discover their purpose

Invisible Crown Ballet Dancers Performing alongside Rhema Companhia of Brazil in Nairobi
Violin & Piano