Invisible Crown

Our Music Classes:

The Music department seeks to train students in the diverse areas of music through a combination of theoretical, practical and performance skills. We also have clear markings of growth and milestones.

Apart from Technical training, we value character development in all our students.

We use the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE to develop character and encourage our students to engage in content creation that is transformative.


Most of our music sessions are conducted privately i.e. each student is assigned to a tutor for each tuition session, at the same time every week.

Our tutors are flexible to teach both classical and contemporary styles and this provides our students with a wide range of musical styles.

Students graduate from one level to another and this is dependent on consistent training. Moving across levels is used as a mark of progress alongside bi-annual progress reports.

The curriculum we follow is in line with requirements for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and London College of Music (LCM) examinations.


Annual Participation in in-house and outdoor concerts is open to all our students regardless of their age or level to enable them showcase what is learnt in class. This also helps to build their Courage, one of the attributes of the Crown.


Our students are trained to have:

  1. Competence in musical performance on the primary instrument with specific emphasis on technical precisionn and composition.
  2. Broadened understanding of music and its relationship with other art forms as well as developed technical ability of international standards.
  3. Enhanced Character: i.e. Self-assurance, Creativity and Discipline among other attributes of Confidence.
  4. The Grasp of purpose motivated artistry. (Honoring God the giver of all abilities).

    Potential career options in: Teaching, Performing, Music Ministry or School Management/Ownership.  Viewing all as worthwhile pursuits that provide an opportunity to be of impact to God’s Creation.

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    Private Instrument Lessons

    Private Instrument lessons at Invisible Crown fuse conventional music classes with training that nurtures the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE. With private classes, our instructors are able to monitor individual growth and musical competence.

    Our Private music classes enable students to move at their own learning pace and often results in accelerated learning. Music has intricate requirements (theory and practical) for a student build a good music foundation. Private sessions enable students to cover both. 

    Private Voice Coaching

    Through an intricate coaching curriculum our students learn how to use their voices to produce melodic and harmonious tunes while mastering the techniques required to perfect the art of singing.

    In vocal training sessions, students are firstly guided through the process of discovering their strengths and weakness. In the advanced levels we also teach skills such as stage presence and offer mentorship programs provided by seasoned singers in the industry.

    Crown Voices Performance in Nairobi

    The Crown Voices

    The Crown Voices is a singing group for children between ages 8-18 years. We conduct training using Classical, Contemporary Inspirational and Gospel styles. Our main goal is to instil a passion for singing and showcase the students gifts from an early age.

    Group voice coaching applies our unique Dedicated Crown Training model nurturing Talent and Confidence in equal measure. Sessions with Feature Trainers and established performing artists enable The Crown Voices to add a new dimension to their musical and personal growth.

    Students are enrolled strictly by audition. Singing talent is honed and the group is trained for showcases with performances every six weeks after the first quarter. Advanced students also receive celebrity training, participate in exchange programs and have a chance to take part in international tours.