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Our Dance Classes:

Our Dance program, through rigorous work in studio and performances, develops student’s ability for creative collaboration and technical development/exploration. We also have clear markings of growth and milestones.

Apart from Technical training, we value character development in all our students.

We use the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE to develop character and encourage our students to engage in content creation that is transformative.


Our dance sessions are primarily conducted in groups. Groups are determined by age and competence. Our group classes are capped at 9 students as we value student teacher ratio and its ability influence growth.

Our tutors are able to teach both classical and contemporary styles and this enables students to be versatile and creative.

Students graduate from one level to another and this is dependent on consistent training. Moving across levels is used as a mark of progress alongside bi-annual progress reports.


Our performances opportunities comprise of two categories.

  1. By invitation only – gives priority to more experienced dancers regardless of age or level.
  2. Open to all – gives opportunity to all students regardless of their age or level.

All our students get an opportunity to showcase as we see key attributes developed during this experience. However, students can only participate in a performance after being at IC for a minimum of 3 quarters (9 months) consistently.


These are among many other accomplishments students attain:

    1. Developed technical ability of international standards. (CECCHETTI METHOD)
    2. Enhanced Character: ie. Self-assurance, Creativity and Discipline among other attributes of Confidence.
    3. The knowledge of purpose motivated artistry – (Honoring God the giver of all abilities).
    4. Physical fitness and enhancement of social skills.
    5. Prepare for careers in Dance: Teaching, Performing, Dance Ministry or Studio Management/Ownership.  Viewing all as worthwhile pursuits that provide an opportunity to be of impact to God’s Creation.
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Ballet classes at Invisible Crown emphasize proper classical ballet technique, while also bringing out the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE.

We adhere to the ISTD/Cecchetti Classical Curriculum. Each curriculum has its own unique differences and benefits for varying ages and abilities. Our team will guide you on the most suitable path for your child to take.

Contemporary Dance

Our Contemporary dance classes are multi-genre, combining both the strong and controlled legwork of Ballet as well as modern dance’s stress on the torso. It employs floor work, fall and recovery.

Learning Contemporary dance from an early age not only sharpens young dancers’ skills but also instils the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE.

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Adlut Dance Classe

Adult Dance Classes

At Invisible Crown, we BELIEVE that it is never too late to go for it! For us, age is truly a mere number and it should not stop anyone from enrolling in our Adult Dance classes.

The training is designed for all adult students from all levels of training. No prior dance experience is necessary. There is no placement audition for these classes.