Invisible Crown

Student Sponsorships

At Invisible Crown, we believe that no student should be denied Arts training for want of funds. Every newly created scholarship represents important progress towards our goal of securing the resources required to meet their needs. Offering support to any student with need creates opportunities for many deserving young aspiring artists.

Each year, Invisible Crown finds young students from around Nairobi, Thika, Nakuru, Naivasha and elsewhere who hold a lot of potential in Drama, Dance and Music.

We sponsor their training for a minimum of 1 year, and welcome corporate partners and individuals willing to offer support and create opportunities for young aspiring artists all over Kenya.

Nominate a Student for Annual Sponsorship

You may select a deserving student from your own network and contribute towards their training partially or in full.

  • Write to us and tell us the story of your talented find.
  • We will vet the applicant and notify you if the student qualifies for sponsorship.
  • We will then back you 50%-100% depending on the vetting process and need.
  • You can sponsor one student partially or join hands with others to provide the full sponsorship.
  • If a student is partially sponsored, Invisible Crown can help you actualize full sponsorship. Some of our efforts including rallying up the public to build on the sponsorship.

Contribute to our Ongoing Sponsorships

Our approach to sponsoring is targeted. We identify talented enthusiastic students and facilitate training in their chosen Art form with your contributions. We’ll keep you updated on their journey.

Here are their stories

16 years, Public Speaking
SAMUEL MWANIKI 16 years, Public Speaking

Samuel grew interested in many art forms including Dance and Songwriting while growing up in the neighborhood of Kibera. Practicing these for 3 years helped build his ability to speak confidently in front of any crowd. In the future, he wishes to be a fashion designer to fulfill his grandfather’s childhood dream.

12 years, Piano
JOHN MWENDWA 12 years, Piano

Two years ago, John asked to learn a piano piece from the church keyboardist. Since then he has practiced and entertained his friends and family at church and school. He wishes to pursue a career in business while growing his music skills on the side.

13 years , Voice
ELTON ADONGO 13 years , Voice

Watching young gifted singers on Tv inspired Elton to practice his vocals by singing along to his favorite songs. His mother encouraged him to try a singing in church and he has now been practicing for 4 years. He dreams of being a full-time musician when he grows up.