Invisible Crown

Group Acting

Group Acting classes run throughout the year, from Monday to Saturday. We follow the LAMDA curriculum and provide an opportunity for international accreditation.

Group Acting classes are primarily spoken dialogue, acting, and movement. Scenes are not acted through song as in Musical Theatre, however students learn to create physical and vocal response to text.

It is designed to enable learners to develop a range of skills. Students perform one scene or sequence of scenes from memory. They attempt to demonstrate a sound understanding of the material, leading to an imaginative interpretation in which there is application of appropriate technical skills. At Invisible Crown, our training also develops the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE.

Group Acting Class Structure

  • Students are split by age into groups so we can give every person the attention they deserve.
  • The lessons are structured such that students can enjoy a wide variety of performance skills and styles.
  • All four quarters are designed to hone both technical and performance skills. By Quarter 4, our students showcase their progress in front of friends and family at our concerts.

Group Acting Teaching Style

  • We start with placement sessions which guide the instructors on the LAMDA level the student should be plugged into.
  • Children learn through games and exercises to react in appropriate ways to a variety of situations.
  • They learn to live truthfully through imaginary situations
  • Our trainers often use improvisation techniques as a way to build social skills and increase confidence in class.
  • We also use videos and scripts from known films and popular musicals.

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