Invisible Crown


I am delighted that you are e-visiting Invisible Crown!

I have a lot to share, but so that I don’t give you too much of a read I will be putting out heaps of videos on topics I am passionate about (listed at the bottom). Having been in the Performing Arts Industry for 15 Years and ran an Arts space for 10 Years, I have collected lots of beautiful stories and ideas I must tell!

I have encountered more miracles than I could count in this journey. I honestly couldn’t do this without God’s help, the most amazing team and mentors! Invisible Crown is my dedication to God for gifting me the joy of purposeful work and an opportunity to make enduring change within my capacity.

1st Peter 4:10 is dear to us because it also embodies ‘Our Why’ and how we are anchored by our Christian faith in the delivery of our programs. See: PROGRAM DELIVERY STATEMENT

Why Visit Us:

We are a little different! Like many performing arts spaces we provide technical training, offer international accreditation, create performance opportunities BUT, at IC our students get something deeply valuable; CharacterDevout Values and The Crown!

At Invisible Crown, our students are;

Poised enough to handle failure or success.

Courageous enough to try again even with doubt present.

Disciplined enough to cooperate in teamwork.

Self-assured enough to stand up for their own ideas and

Creative enough to explore then share their discoveries with the world!

Our major attribute of The Crown (Confidence), seeps into every aspect of a child’s path to impact them positively.

Interestingly, at IC you will meet the Guitarist who is also an Engineer, The Ballet Instructor who is also a Psychologist or Pianist who is also a mathematician! Because Art can still co-exist with these ‘non-artistic’ professions.

I would like to encourage each one of us to dream with our children from an early age.  To stop brushing aside every hint of non-academic interest but dare to explore it with our children. Their path, guided by Gods purpose will be an incredible one!

All for God’s Honor!

Joy Wambui Kairu – Founder.

Upcoming Video Topics:

  • The importance on harnessing talent before the age of 7 Years.
  • Why Invisible Crown is a no Gadget Zone.
  • My Journey with the Crown (Confidence).
  • Why God should be the anchor of a creative/artistic individual.
  • The impact of Music on: Mind, Emotions, and Habit.
  • Why Confidence/The Crown should exist with all its 5 attributes.
  • The risk of stifling artistic or creative interests in an individual.
  • The impact of using your gifts and abilities with Jesus in mind.