Invisible Crown

Our Drama Classes:

The Drama department seeks to train students in the diverse areas of drama through a combination of theoretical, practical and performance skills.

At Invisible Crown, we nurture 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE, developing individuals who desire to create an impact in today’s world.


Students graduate from one level to another and this is dependent on consistent training. Moving across levels is used as a mark of progress alongside bi-annual progress reports.

Our trainers often use improvisation techniques to enhance the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE in class.

The curriculum we follow is in line with requirements for the LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) examinations.


All our students get an opportunity to showcase in in-house and outdoor concerts as we see key attributes developed during this experience. However, students can only participate in a performance after going through training at IC for a minimum of 2 quarters (6 months) consistently.

This also helps to build their Courage, one of the attributes of the Crown.


After completion of training, our students are able to:

  1. Good understanding of skills and techniques required for speaking in Public confidently.
  2. Proficiency in preparing and delivering a speech on a subject matter convincingly.
  3. The grasp of purpose motivated artistry – (Honoring God the giver of all abilities).
  4. Enhanced Character: ie. Self-assurance, Creativity and Courage among other attributes of Confidence.
  5. Potential career options in: Teaching, Performing, or School Management/Ownership.  Viewing all as worthwhile pursuits that provide an opportunity to be of impact to God’s Creation.

Public Speaking

Our Public Speaking classes in Nairobi provide students with the tools and practice to express their ideas with clarity. At Invisible Crown, we nurture the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE, developing individuals who want to create an impact in today’s competitive world.

Our classes are designed to build the skills necessary for effective oral communication and public presentation. Through exercise and practice, students will sharpen their oral language and communication skills, as well as their technical knowledge. 

Group Acting

Group Acting classes are primarily spoken dialogue, acting, and movement. Scenes are not acted through song as in Musical Theatre, however students learn to create physical and vocal response to text.

It is designed to enable learners to develop a range of skills. Students perform one scene or sequence of scenes from memory. They attempt to demonstrate a sound understanding of the material, leading to an imaginative interpretation in which there is application of appropriate technical skills. At Invisible Crown, our training also develops the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE.

Invisible Crown Acting Perfomance in Nairobi

Devising Drama

Devising Drama is a class designed to develop creativity by exploring ideas and themes, and realizing them through devised dramatic performances and present it to an audience.

It is designed for solo or duologue performances. The class is structured by splitting the students by age into groups so we can give each student the attention they deserve.

At Invisible Crown, we nurture the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE, developing individuals who desire to create an impact in today’s competitive world.