Invisible Crown

Devising Drama


Devising Drama is a class designed to develop creativity by exploring ideas and themes, and realizing them through devised dramatic performances and present it to an audience.

It is designed for solo or duologue performances. The class is structured by splitting the students by age into groups so we can give each student the attention they deserve.

At Invisible Crown, we nurture the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE, developing individuals who desire to create an impact in today’s competitive world.

Devising Drama is designed to introduce learners to basic devising skills. Learners will be able to devise and perform one scene that clarifies place and situation. They will perform audibly and clearly. Their use of space will complement their performance.


  1. Interpretative skills – The learner/s will be required to:
    • Devise a character and situation within a dramatic structure.
    • Engage with character and situation in order to create a sense of reality.
  1. Technical skills – The learner/s will be required to:
    • Develop skills in voice, diction and movement.
  1. Knowledge of the devising process – The learner/s will be required to:
    • Know and understand how to devise scenes for performance.


On completion of this program, the learner/s will be able to:

  1. Interpret – devise and perform one/more scene/s.
  2. Knowledge – know and understand the content of the devised scene.
  3. Technique – 
    • Use vocal skills in response to the devised text.
    • Use the performance space in response to the devised text.

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