Invisible Crown


Ballet classes at Invisible Crown emphasize proper classical ballet technique, while also bringing out the 5 attributes of CONFIDENCE.

We adhere to the Cecchetti Classical Curriculum from Grade 1 to Advanced levels and we use the RAD Curriculum for Primary, Pre-primary  and DTYOT. Each curriculum valuable and has its own unique differences and benefits for varying ages and abilities. Our team has selected the most suitable path specifically for our students.

In both Ballet curriculum, students’ progress is simultaneously measured through Crown Levels to advance training in a safe, nurturing and holistic way.

Below is our under 18 Crown leveling with its corresponding curriculum level.

Crown Level

 PRE-CROWNBallet Classes Crown LevelContemporary Classes Crown LevelBallet Classes Crown LevelBallet Classes Crown LevelBallet Classes Crown LevelBallet Classes Crown LevelContemporary Classes Crown LevelContemporary Classes Crown LevelBallet Classes Crown Level

Curriculum Level

N/APre-PrimaryPrimaryGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5 & 6Intermediate Foundation & IntermediateAdvanced 1 &2
3-5 years

Early Dancer Program



Designed to provide young Ballet dancers with an opportunity to explore movement and dance in a unique atmosphere using creative movement and storytelling.
6-12 years

Primary and Enrichment



Focuses on the technical development of Ballet technique. Fundamentals learned in the Early Dancer Program are implemented to broaden the dancers’ knowledge of dance steps and proper execution. Our focus is on personal growth and individual identity as a dancer.
12-15 years

Advanced Programs

Focuses on increased range of movements in sequences of increased length and complexity, and the ability to sustain an appropriate sense of style throughout more complex Ballet sequences and varying musical qualities. Technical competence here leads to an increased assurance on demonstration basis.
15-21 years

Senior Ballet Programs

This program is designed to prepare the serious Ballet student for a professional career in both Classical and Contemporary dance. Our focus is on building both performance and teaching abilities. Technical competence is at a very high level for this student.

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