Invisible Crown

Who we are:

Invisible Crown is a Kenyan Institution that uses the Performing Arts to develop God-given Talent, to nurture Confidence (‘The Crown’) in all our students and to Steward their gifting for a greater purpose.

Using our training concept, our instructors adhere to International Performing Arts Curriculums (LAMDA, ABRSM, CECCHETTI, LCM) for technical guidelines all while developing CONFIDENCE with its 5 Attributes: Courage, Discipline, Creativity, Self-Assurance & Poise. Attributes that enhance all aspects of life!

While our students advance in technical abilities, nurturing these attributes also ensures our training process is effective, measurable and productive. A Self-Assured, Disciplined, Poised, Creative & Courageous individual is one that can stand out, find success and have a real chance at discovering God’s purpose for their enhanced gift/talent.

Our Programs



Private Instrument Classes

Private Voice Classes

Group Voice Coaching – Crown Voices



Ballet Classes
Contemporary Dance Classes
Adult Dance Classes



Group Acting

Public Speaking

Devising Drama (Solo/Duo)

Success Stories

Enrolling my daughter at Invisible Crown was one of the best decisions I made. The keen, resourceful and patient tutors have helped mould her worldview and her character, poise and time management skills now stand out from among her peers. She is transforming right before my eyes into a resilient focused ballerina, budding pianist and a creative public speaker too!

Eva Maingi


Interacting with the student dancers, musicians and actors at Invisible Crown is amazing! They are confident especially in how they speak to adults. They ask for what they want politely and are able to converse clearly. Just by watching them perform, you can tell that they are different; brave and confident in their steps. Keep up the good work Invisible Crown.

Natasha Nalyaka


I have noticed an increased sense of self-confidence and assurance in my daughter since she started Ballet classes three years ago, so it was no brainer commencing classes for my other daughter at age 4. Thanks to Invisible Crown and the work you are doing with the girls! I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.

Mbithi Koki


The most significant change I have observed in my daughter since she begun dancing at Invisible Crown must be her very intentional behaviour. She is wholly present when she is engaged in an activity whether she's dancing like nobody is watching or doing her homework.

Nimo Mukuria