Invisible Crown

What's Behind The Invisible Crown

Invisible Crown uses Music, Dance and Drama to nurture CONFIDENCE and STEWARD Gods gifts in the performing Arts.

Using our Crown concept, we believe in the ability of Dance, Music and Theatre to nurture Confidence and its FIVE attributes in all our students: CONFIDENCE:  with its 5 Attributes: COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, CREATIVITY, SELF-ASSURANCE and POISE.

These attributes seep deep into every aspect of our lives, determining how productive and well-rounded we become in the future. The 5 attributes also influence the process of nurturing an individual’s talent, ensuring our students realize their full potential.

Within our Crown training concept, our classes adhere to international curriculums (LAMDA, CECCHEETI, LCM, ABRSM) and students can attain globally recognized certification.

Our instructors tailor each class for technical training and CONFIDENCE nurturing. For instance, as a student is developing their technical skill say in ballet classes, we simultaneously nurture the FIVE attributes of Confidence.

Technical prowess is at the core of the Invisible Crown approach. Our methodical Training Model is designed for instructors to impart specialized knowledge and cultivate Confidence. Our TWO modes of Crown Training ensure that a student’s journey at Invisible Crown is special!

Partial Crown Training

Conducted in regular training alongside the required curriculum (CECCHETTI, ABRSM, LCM or LAMDA). Our instructors’ primary focus is the development of technical aspects. However, they have specific guidelines, a role and responsibility in the nurturing of our FIVE Attributes of Confidence. PCT strategies are carefully woven into every lesson at Invisible Crown.

Dedicated Crown Training

Takes place on specific days with more elaborate Confidence (Crown) development methods. Dedicated Crown Training is carried out once every quarter by selected mentors and performers in specific art forms. Through our guided framework, our goal in DCT is to engage local and international performers in the performing arts .