Invisible Crown

Dance for Purpose 2018

Dance For Purpose (DFP) is an annual event held by Invisible Crown that hosts international troupes from all over the world!

Dance for Purpose seeks to INSPIRE Kenyan dance enthusiasts to use their talents purposefully, to HONE the direction of the performing Arts in Kenya and consequently PROMOTE God’s excellence in the performing arts.

Invisible Crown uses ‘Dance for Purpose’ to further the kingdom of God using Performing Arts as its unique medium. Through DFP, we hope to see TRANSFORMATION! It is that simple.

In 2018, Dance for Purpose hosted CIA Rhema from Gionia BRAZIL who performed in 4 different locations across Nairobi.

Cia Rhema told the Biblical Story of Ruth using a riveting ballet piece and the story of Jesus Calming the storm using a captivating contemporary dance and theatre performance. (There was even a boat on stage!)

Lives were transformed as we spread the Love and Gospel of Jesus Christ using Dance and Theatre.

Dance for Purpose exemplifies building Kingdom Culture in the Kenyan Arts! Transformation of lives and the renewing of the Performing Arts.